2022 3rd International Conference on Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Mechanical Automation (IoTAIMA 2022)

Welcome A.Prof. Haoran Feng, Emergen Co., Ltd., China to be the TPC!


A.Prof. Haoran Feng, Emergen Co., Ltd.,  China


Fenghaoran, vice president of Emergen Co., Ltd., holds bachelor's, master's and doctor's degrees in Automation Department of Tsinghua University, postdoctoral degree in computer department, and associate researcher of Peking University. Experts in the Internet of things, smart energy, swarm intelligence and smart factories, Shijiazhuang high-level innovation and entrepreneurship talents, Ningbo pan 3315 talents, members of the metallurgical special committee of China Energy Conservation Association, have published dozens of papers, dozens of invention patents and soft works, won the second prize and the third prize of the military scientific and technological progress, presided over the development of a variety of intelligent and automated products, which are widely used in smart factories, metallurgy, textiles, parks Data security and other fields.